Aimix Diesel Concrete Pump Was Sent To Sri Lanka

Recently Aimix sent the ABT50C diesel concrete pump to Sri Lanka. It was the fifth time that the customers purchased the construction machines from our company.

ABT50C diesel concrete pump

Item : ABT50C

Max. Theoretical Throughput (m3/h): 50

Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa): 13

Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m): 180

Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600

Diesel Brand: DELIER/DEUTZ

ABT50C is a kind of popular small diesel concrete pump, and it has the characteristics as follows:

1.It is equipped with diesel engine, which can work in some remote districts that are lacking of electricity. And the service life of diesel engine is long.

2.Easy operation and maintenance, which can largely save labor and money for your constructions.

3.The diesel concrete pumping machine has the advantages of high quality, reasonable prices, good performance and high working efficiency.

4.It is stable and the failure rate is very low.

In the following pictures, you will get more details about Aimix diesel concrete pumps.

inner of diesel concrete pump

In order to assure that the pump can be transported to the destination safely, we fixed the pump well. Moreover, there are some notices and tips on the body of pump. We believe that they will remind the operators of operating safely. In addition, we offer some accessories for our clients, so that the operators can use it whenever they need.

Fixed the diesel concrete pump in container
washing balls

My friend, we have exported our pumps to Pakistan, Uganda, Somalia, USA, Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam and so on. As long as you need the pumps, we will offer the best pump for you.

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