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ABJZ30D Electric Concrete Mixer Pump Was Transported To Congo

Congratulations! Our ABJZ30D electric concrete mixer pump was exported to Congo successfully. It has to say that concrete mixer with pump is so popular that many customers choose it. Due to its small size, small power and easy movement, it is mostly used in the rural and urban construction site. This machine can realize concrete … Read more

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The Wide Usage of Small Concrete Pumps

With the raid development of new rural and urban construction, there is a large demand of concrete pumps for the construction sites, especially the small concrete pumps. It seems that the small concrete pump with small size, small volume is the most suitable concrete pumping machine. What’s more, the price of small concrete pump is … Read more

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Transportation Of AIMIX Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump To Fiji

Recently, Aimix diesel concrete mixer pump has been exported to Fiji. The concrete mixer with pump has two functions: concrete mixing and concrete pumping, which can greatly save a lot of time, labor and cost. Therefore, it is the best concrete pumping machines in the urban and rural building construction sites. The diesel concrete mixer with … Read more

Delivery Of AIMIX ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump To Vietnam

Aimix ABT40C diesel concrete pump was successfully delivered to Vietnam. This diesel concrete pump can work normally under high temperature in Vietnam, it can be seen that our diesel concrete pump can adapt different working environment freely and easily. Therefore, many people in Vietnam has purchase AIMIX diesel concrete pump in various construction sites. From … Read more


Aimix ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump Has Been Exported to Philippines

Good news here! Our Aimix ABT60C diesel concrete pump has been successfully exported to Philippines. People there have high praise on this concrete pumping machine. Because this type of concrete pump is so practical that it can work normally in harsh environment. The diesel concrete pump has strong adaptability, especially in the areas where there is … Read more