Concrete Mixer Drum

Concrete mixer drum is the indispensable component of whole concrete mixer truck. It is the carrier of fresh concrete, which keep the concrete from segregating. As you see on the roads, the concrete mixer tank always keeps rotating and mixing. Generally, the cement mixer drum capacity is the basis of judging the size of concrete mixer truck: small, medium and large. At present, Aimix Group manufactures different types of concrete mixer drums for sale, which include 3m3, 4m3, 6m3, 9m3, 10m3, 12m3 and 14 m3.

Wide capacity range can satisfy construction projects. Therefore, if you wanna a special volume, we can customize it according to customers’ construction requirements. The products in Aimix are popular  all over the world. We have exported our machines to more than 30 countries, including Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Mexico, Pakistan, Uganda etc. Now, you can check some concrete mixer drum expoting cases!

Exporting Concrete Mixer Drum All Over the World

As it shows in the following pictures, our drum cement mixer has beautiful appearance, not only attractive appearance, but stable performance. It is made up of well-known Bao and Wu steel which has longer service life. Besides, we have adopted special mold cold press molding technology to ensure its high quality. The mixing blades inner drum is designed specially to ensure mixing quality. Our special design has applied for patent. Unique superiority makes Aimix concrete mixer drums for trucks best within the industry. Therefore, you can choose Aimix Group with safety.

8m3 Drum Mixer Was Delivered to Indonesia

8m3 Concrete Drum Mixer Was Exported to Malaysia

Concrete Mixer Drum Was Loading
Mixer Drum Was Ready to New Zealand

Parts of Cement Mixer Drum for sale

1. Hydraulic System. It consists of hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump and reducer. Main components adopts foreign famous brand, such as Italy PMP, Italy TOP and American Saul. This system has compact structure and excellent performance, which can satisfy clients’ needs.

2. Drum body. When it rotates, the concrete in the cement drum will be mixed along spiral direction. When discharging, the drum body will rotate in reverse direction. The drum body is made of anti-weary alloy steel material with long life span.

3. Water supplying and cleaning system. It is equipped with water tank with large volume, which can ensure sufficient water supply. The bold water pipes and multiple water feeding ways can bring great convenience to customers. There are many water supplying ways: air pressure type, reducer water pump type and electric water pump type.

4. Loading and discharging system. It can realize concrete feeding and discharging which consists of feeding hopper, discharging hopper, main groove, lifting and rotating mechanism. It is made of 16 Mn wear-resistant steel plate with attractive appearance. The main groove can lift and rotate within 180 degrees.

Drum Body
Water Supplying and Cleaning System
Loading and Discharging System


Mixing drum parameter High quality wear-resistance steel
Drum body thickness: 4mm, End cover thickness:6mm Drum body thickness: 5mm, End cover thickness:6mm Drum body thickness: 5mm, End cover thickness:6mm Drum body thickness: 5mm, End cover thickness:6mm
Agitating capacity 6M3 8M3 10M3 12M3
Drum overall dimension(with frame) 5700*2500*2550mm 6600*2500*2675mm 7100*2500*2730mm 7600*2500*2850mm
Charging rate ≥3 m3/min ≥3 m3/min ≥3 m3/min ≥3 m3/min
Top feed hopper dimension ≥650 mm ≥650 mm ≥650 mm ≥650 mm
Discharging rate ≥2 m3/min ≥2 m3/min ≥2 m3/min ≥2 m3/min
Residual rate ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5%
Water supply Baric water supply system Baric water supply system Baric water supply system Baric water supply system
Water tank capacity 450L 450L 450L 450L
Radiator 18L 18L 18L 18L
Reduction gear PMB7Ysp Reducer, Italy technology PMB7Ysp Reducer, Italy technology PMB7Ysp Reducer, Italy technology PMB7Ysp Reducer, Italy technology
Hydraulic pump Eaton 54 America brand Eaton 54 America brand Eaton 54 America brand Eaton 54 America brand
Hydraulic motor Eaton 54 America brand Eaton 54 America brand Eaton 54 America brand Eaton 54 America brand
Accessory Tool box Tool box Tool box Tool box

Daily Examination and Maintenance of Drum Mixer for Sale

A. Examination

1. Check whether the raceway of concrete mixing drum is excessive wear and damaged.

2. Check whether there is oil leakage in reducer and oil volume is enough.

3. Check hydraulic pump, motor, oil pipe and joints are spilling and whether the motor is normal.

4. Examine the one-way valve of water supplying system is blocked and whether the water pipe is leaking.

5. Check whether the the volume of hydraulic oil is enough and whether it is emulsified.

B. Maintenance

1. Regularly examine the lubricating parts, including operating handles, transmission shafts, supporting roller and moving parts of discharging hopper. Remember to add lubrication oil once a month.

2. Check whether there are so much concrete leaving on the inner surface of concrete drum. If does, please timely clear them.

3. Change the hydraulic oil and filter in time. The oil used in reducer also should be changed after a certain time.

How to Judge The Quality of Mixer Drums for Sale

In the market, a large quantity of concrete mixer drum manufacturers are advertising their products. It troubles you a lot how to judge the quality of cement mixer drum and select an ideal one among different concrete mixer drum suppliers. In fact, The design, choice of materials and production process  can reflect the quality. Therefore, if the design is not reasonable, it is easier to have accidents because mixing trucks’ high speed. The materials in these parts you need pay attention to include mixer drum, feeding inlet and discharging groove. The quality of steel plate determines the service life of the mixer truck.

Based on above what you should pay attention to when judging the quality, if you have other questions, welcome to contact us through the following chart or email:! We will reply you in 24 hours!

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