Concrete Mixer Plant Price

Concrete mixer plant price in Kenya is one of the important factors which should account for when customers are choosing concrete plant in the market. Everyone wants to spend his money wisely on high-quality equipment. Therefore, when selecting one, customers must secure the most reasonable batching plant price.

Concrete Mixer Plant Price in Kenya

While, there are other several reasons which also playing role in concrete batch plant cost, for example, used or new items, kind of concrete plant, capacities, manufacturers, after-sales services…… After the whole comprehensive consideration, you can make a wise decision. Well, here I will introduce some of factors affecting concrete batch plant price, which can help you choose ideal equipment from us.

Factors of Influencing Concrete Mixer Plant Price

Making certain used or new units

Firstly, you need to know that there are two options of selecting: new and used concrete plants. Buying used one can save you significant money. However, you should consider its service life better ahead of the project schedule. While, you needn’t worry about that if you purchase a new one. In general, if you choose one from reliable manufacturer, it will have a long life span.

Kind of Concrete Plant for Sale

After confirmation of manufacturer, the next thing is to select which kind of concrete plant for sale you need. In Aimix Group, there are several kinds of concrete plants on sale, including stationary concrete plant, mobile(portable) batching plant, mini(small) concrete mixing plant, ready mix and precast concrete plant etc.

AJY Series Mobile Concrete Plant

AJY25 Mobile Batching Plant

AJY-35 Concrete plant

AJY50 Mobile Concrete Plant

AJY60 Mobile Concret Plant

AJ Series Stationary Concrete Plant

AJ25 Stationary Concrete Mixing Plant

AJ35 Stationary Concrete Plant


AJ60 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

AJ75 Concrete Plant for Sale

AJ90 Concrete Plant for Sale

Find Reliable Manufacturer

Before purchasing, it is necessary to do some researches on different manufacturers. If you don’t know anything in regards to concrete mixing plants from suppliers, you possible will not know if it deliver a fair value for your concrete batching plant price. Pay more attention to manufacturers which you are aware what you will buy from. Comparing differences among them, you can make certain where you wanna buy from.

If you need it for large construction projects, you’d better choose stationary type with capacities ranging from 25 m3/h to 240 m3/h. However, if you have several projects, the plant needs to be used multiple times among different sites. In this case, it is more suitable to use mobile concrete batching plant, which is easy and convenient to move on construction sites. Generally, under the same capacity, mobile concrete mixing plant price is a little higher that that stationary batching plant cost.

Pay Attention to After-sales Service

After-sales service is also a significant factor which can influence the concrete plant cost. As we all know, machine must be out of work sometimes. Thus, good after-sales service can help you solve trouble problems in an emergency. It is wise to choose one from a manufacturer that provides considerate after-sales service for his customers.

Aimix Afte-sales Service Team
Aimix Afte-sales Service Team

Taking Aimix Group for example, it can offer one-step after-sales service, including pre-sale, on-sale and after-sales service. Moreover, we have built more than 6 branches offices and LBS centers in the world, such as Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka…… Besides, overseas warehouses are available to provide spare parts promptly. Even though concrete mixing plant cost is a little higher, but with best after-sales service, a lot of customers would prefer it.

Concrete Plant After-sales Service
Concrete Plant After-sales Service

All in all, you should taking many factors into account when comparing concrete plant price. Furthermore, concrete batch plant cost should be within budget. If you want get Aimix concrete batching plant price list, welcome to contact our sale through following form or email: