Concrete Pump for Sale in Kenya

Concrete pump for sale in Kenya is well-received by local contractors. There are so many construction sites in need of concrete pumps in Kenya. Therefore, some of people would like to import concrete pumps from abroad. In order to satisfy market demands, Aimix Group also has exported countless sets of concrete pumps all over the world, including Kenya. That’s why you can detect some Aimix concrete pumps for sale on local construction sites. Up to now, we have exported more than 15 sets of concrete pumps to Kenya. If necessary, you can visit our concrete pump working there.

Exporting Concrete Pumps to Kenya

Here are some pictures of Aimix concrete pumps exporting to Kenya. Pictures containing packing concrete pump, boxing concrete pump, some pump components etc. You can check following photos.

concrete pump exporting to Kenya
Concrete Pump Exporting to Kenya

Concrete Pump for Sale in Kenya

Among all concrete pumps we have exported to Kenya, there are only two kinds of concrete pumps for sale in Kenya. One is trailer concrete pump, the other one is concrete mixer pump. Here is brief introduction about them.

Trailer concrete pump

Because it is equipped with tires, the trailer concrete pump for sale sometimes is named after mobile concrete pump in Kenya. The pump can be dragged by tractor, so it is convenient to move among construction sites. The trailer mounted concrete pump has capacity from 40 m3/h to 80 m3/h. Therefore, it is suitable for small, medium and large construction sites. Besides, most customers are keen on it. Moreover, it has engine options: electric type and diesel type. Diesel one can work under harsh environment.

diesel trailer concrete pump
Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump

electric trailer concrete pump
Electric Trailer Concrete Pump

Concrete Pump with Mixer

Different with trailer concrete pump, the mixer pump has other function: mixing. This machine combines concrete mixer and concrete pump together. Two in one is more economic and practical. The mixing pump’s capacity is about 30 m/h and 40 m3/h. Smaller capacity concrete pump is widely applied for small construction sites, such as rural and urban building construction. Same as trailer pump, it is also divided into electric mixer pump and diesel pump. You can choose either according to your construction demands.

diesel concrete mixer with pump
Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump

electric concrete mixer and pump
Electric Concrete Mixer and Pump

Why Choose Aimix Among Kenya Concrete Pumps Suppliers

If you buy concrete pumps in Kenya, please never miss Aimix Group. There are so many Kenya concrete pump dealer, why is Aimix? Here are some reasons which can convince you.

1. Over 30 years’ manufacturing experience;

2. Obtained CE and ISO certificates;

3. Concrete pumps in stock, delivery time sooner: less than one month;

4. Warranty period about one year, free changing vulnerable components in one year;

5. Annually visiting customers twice;

6. Regularly attending exhibitions in Kenya;

7. Considerate after-sale service guaranteed.

considerate after-sale service in Aimix
After-sale Service Team in Aimix
contacting service team
Contacting Service Team

Therefore, if you need concrete pump Kenya, please contact us without hesitation. Contact us through following form or sending us email directly to: