Concrete Pump Indonesia

Concrete pump Indonesia has enormous market demand in local places due to rapid development of construction industry. As we all know, when developing an construction projects, concrete pump portable Indonesia can help save a lot of labour, time and cost. Therefore, a lot of contractors seek for reliable distributor concrete pump Indonesia. While, Aimix Group, as one of professional concrete pump manufacturers should not be ignored. We have supplied concrete pumps all over the world, including more than 30 countries, such as Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Fiji…… Here are some successful cases about delivering concrete pumps to Indonesia.

Cases of Delivering Concrete Pump Indonesia

Last year, we have exported our mixer pump concrete Indonesia and trailer concrete pump electric.

For mixer pump, the customer decided to buy one for his harbour projects. We recommended him our ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer pump for his item. Then, our concrete pump has been put into use normally. Moreover, he has gave high praise on our product and our company as reputable dealer concrete mixer pump Indonesia. You can check pictures in working sites.

Aimix Concrete Mixer and Pump on Construction Sites
Aimix Concrete Mixer and Pump on Construction Sites

For trailer concrete pump, this customer just needed small concrete pump Indonesia for his rural building construction. Thus, we advised him to buy 30 m3/h electric concrete pump. Because the cost of concrete pump Indonesia was lower. Besides, the customer also can accept it. After manufacturing it, we delivered our equipment to him. Then he began his building soon.

Supplying Type of Concrete Pump

Now, we mainly launched three kinds of concrete pumps for sale in the market, including concrete mixer pump, trailer mounted concrete pump and concrete pump truck. Here are some simple introductions of them, please check them.

Mixer Pump

From its name, we can conclude that it consists of concrete mixer and concrete pump. Therefore, it has double function. In general, if you decide to buy concrete mixer pump, you can save a lot of cost. The cost of alone concrete mixer and alone concrete pump is higher than the whole concrete mixing pump machine. However, it has small capacities, about 30 and 40 m3/h. So it is better for small construction projects.

mix Concrete Pump Indonesia
Mixer Pump

Concrete Trailer Pump

The pump is usually mounted on trailer, which can be dragged by tractors. Compared with mixing pump, it has wide range of capacities, from 20 m3/h to 90 m3/h. In addition, you can select engine: diesel or electric. The cement concrete pump Indonesiais widely applicable in these fields, such as buildings, bridges, roadways, highways, airports, harbors, tunnels etc.

Trailer Concrete Pump Indonesia
Concrete Trailer Pump

Truck Concrete Pump Indonesia

Indonesia concrete pumpcar is common on large construction sites. Due to equipped with long booms, it has prominent advantage on concrete pumping horizontally and vertically. Besides, it needs large operation space because it has larger size than other concrete pumps for sale.

truck Concrete Pump Indonesia
Concrete Truck Pump

If you need above concrete pumps, please feel free to contact us right now! In addition, we also can offer other kinds of concrete pumps, such as mortar pump, line pump, truck mounted concrete pump. Welcome to consult us through following forms or email: