Concrete Pump Philippines

There is a rage for concrete pump Philippines due to large scale of modern construction. As we all know, The Philippines is developing its economies rapidly. Therefore, construction industry is booming naturally. However, concrete pump supply Philippines is not sufficient. So Aimix made an significant decision on business marketing in the Philippines. In order to conveniently offering concrete pump sale in the Philippines, we have established our own offices there, mainly for after-sales service and equipment sale. But what kinds of concrete pumps for sale can Aimix provide? Let us check together.

Concrete Pump Philippines

Aimix Concrete Pump Philippines

Before marketing cement pump for sale in the Philippines, our sales have investigated on all kinds of construction sites many times. They found that 90 percent of customers would like to use tiny and portable concrete pump and concrete mixer pump(combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump). Thus, Aimix concrete pump for sale in the Philippines mainly supply two types, also hottest concrete pumping equipment, trailer concrete pump and concrete mix pump.

For trailer concrete pump, according to mobility, it has mobile concrete pump and stationary concrete pump in the Philippines which refers to those pump lacking of movable tires. Besides, if the trailer concrete pumps for sale Philippines is with tiny size, it is usually named after small concrete pumps Philippines whose capacities are 40 m3/h.

ABT40D Concrete Pump Philippines

ABT40D Electric Concrete Pump

ABT40C Concrete Pump Philippines

ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump

As for mixer pump, indeed, it is an effective pumping machine for investor. Because concrete mixer pumps can help you save time, cost and labour. Concrete mixer with pump has capacities of 30 and 40 m3/h, which is more appropriate for medium and small construction projects. If you plan to your rural and urban building items, concrete mixing and pumping machine Philippines must be your ideal choices.

ABJZ30C Concrete Pump Philippines

ABJZ30C Diesel Mixer Pump

ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer with pump

ABJZ40C Diesel Mixer Pump

Application Sites of Aimix Concrete Pump for Sale Philippines

The concrete pump in the Philippines is usually applicable of high-rise conveying, railway, tunnel, bridge construction and special application, hydraulic power, mining and national dense, etc. Here are some pictures of concrete pumps working on construction sites.

Application Sites of Aimix Concrete Pump
Application Sites of Aimix Concrete Pump in Philippines

Concrete Pump After-sales Service on Construction Site

Every year we will carry one four times customers visiting on construction sites. During that time, our sale and engineer come to construction sites for free checking, repairing and maintaining our concrete pumps for sale. Besides, LBS center is available in Manila, Philippines. Any necessary, our sale can come for after-sales service as soon as possible. Moreover, main components are stock in LBS centers. It can help save a lot of repairing time.

Visiting Customers in Philippines
After-sales Service in Philippines

Aimix Concrete Pump Price

Concrete pump price must be various among different manufacturers. To be honest, our concrete pumps for sale Philippines has moderate price. But for different pump machines, they are diverse. With the same capacity, the concrete trailer pump price there is lower than concrete pump mixer price. Because it is obvious that concrete mixer pump sale has addition concrete mixing function compared with small concrete pump in the Philippines.

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