Concrete Pumps for Sale in South Africa

Concrete pumps for sale in South Africa are common on construction sites because of a large number of projects, such as bridge construction, building construction, road construction etc. Therefore, concrete pump South Africa has great demand. In South Africa, many concrete pumps are imported from China concrete pump manufacturers. Well, Aimix Group is also involved. Aimix Group, as one of well-known concrete pump manufacturers in China, has offered many types of concrete pumps to local construction projects. It is not only improve the international relationship, but promote the economic development and cooperation between between China and South Africa.

South Africa Exhibition
South Africa Exhibition
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South Africa Bauma Exhibition

Offering Various Kinds of Concrete Pumps for Sale in South Africa

There are three kinds of concrete pumps for sale South Africa: trailer concrete pump, concrete mixer pump and boom concrete pump. Here I will introduce you one by one.

Trailer concrete pump

The concrete pump is usually mounted on trailer. Therefore, it is also named after trailer mounted concrete pump. It can be dragged by tractors and can be moved easily among construction sites. The capacity of trailer concrete pump ranges from 40 m3/h to 80 m3/h.  40 m3/h concrete pump is suitable for small construction sites, such as rural and urban building constructions. 40m3/h to 60 m3/h concrete pump is better for medium constructions. Besides, 80 m3/h concrete pump can better adapt to large construction projects. You can select your ideal concrete pump from Aimix Group.

40 m3/h trailer concrete pump
40 m3/h Trailer Concrete Pump

60 m3/h Trailer Concrete Pump
60 m3/h Trailer Concrete Pump

Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer pump has double functions: mixing and pumping concrete mixture. The effective concrete pumping machine is favourable by customers all over the world. It is like small concrete pump machine, which plays an important role in civil construction sites. Capacities of 30 to 40 m3/h can be used for many fields, such as building, roads and bridges. Equipped with movable tires, it can move among construction sites free. It must be your helper for construction.

electric concrete mixer pump
Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

diesel concrete mixer pump
Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

Boom concrete pump

This kind of concrete pump can be found on large construction sites. The longer pumping need something special to realize. That’s the main propose of long booms. The long boom can realize effective concrete pumping. In general, the boom concrete pump has large capacity. If you need one for high building construction, never miss our concrete boom pump for sale.

Concrete boom pumps for sale

Apart from above concrete pump, we also have static concrete pump for sale South Africa, which is fixed on the construction sites. Aimix Group has sold many concrete pumps South Africa with high quality and perfect performance. If you wanna get any information about concrete pump for sale South Africa, please never hesitate to contact us. We will reply you in 24 hours.