Concrete Pumps Singapore

Concrete pumps Singapore are the most effective construction machine in the industry. It is effective machine which can pump concrete mixture horizontally and vertically. Therefore, a lot of customers buy it for saving time, cost and labour. While, where do you find a satisfied one among so many concrete pump suppliers in Singapore? There are many factors which should be taken into account. Let’s check what you need pay attention to together.

Concrete Pumps Singapore
Aimix Concrete Pump in Singapore

Need Which kinds of Concrete Pumps Singapore

The first thing you need to know is that which kind of concrete pump you really need. Based on Aimix concrete pump company Singapore, there are three main types of concrete pump sales Singapore, including stationary concrete pump Singapore, concrete mixing pump and concrete pump truck Singapore.

Stationary concrete pump refers to that one which is stationary on site when it is working. However, same as concrete trailer pump it is also equipped with movable tires, which is convenient to move among construction sites. It has wide application, such as buildings, bridges, roads, highways, harbors……

40 m3/h Concrete Pumps Singapore
40 m3/h Stationary Concrete Pump

60 m3/h Concrete Pumps Singapore
60 m3/h Stationary Concrete Pump

80 m3/h Stationary Pump
80 m3/h Stationary Pump

Concrete mixing pump is a new generation of concrete pumping machine. It has combined concrete mixer and concrete pump together. The perfect combination of it not only can save a lot of cost, but improve working efficiency. Due to its small capacity, it is only suitable for small construction items.

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump
ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

ABJZ40D Electric Mixer Pump
ABJZ40D Electric Mixer Pump

Concrete pump truck is plainly visible on large construction sites. You can see it working on high-rise building pumping, big bridges and harbors construction. in Addition, it can pump concrete to the high places with its booms – long and flexible.

Concrete Pumps Singapore
Concrete Pump Truck

Clear About what Capacity for Your Construction

The second thing is that you should estimate what capacity of concrete pump you need according to pumping ability, size of construction and construction schedule.

In general, Singapore concrete pump suppliers can provide you with three kinds of pumps in terms of capacity, like small concrete pump Singapore, medium concrete pump sale Singapore and large concrete pump for sale Singapore. Among them, the mini concrete pump for sale in Singapore is hot-sale. With capacity about 30 and 40 m3/h, it is an ideal equipment for small construction projects. Moreover, either for self using or for renting and investing, it is really with considerable return. However, if you use it for large construction items, the large capacity is your best choice, about 80~90 m3/h.

Purchase Concrete Pump Singapore under Your Budget

Every customer is concerned about concrete pump price Singapore. As we all know, concrete pump supplier at Singapore must offer you different cement pump Singapore price. But, remember to buy one with reasonable concrete pump Singapore price within your budget. Make research about price in different manufacturers. For example, under the same capacity, diesel one is a little expensive that electric one; besides, the price of stationary concrete pump in Singapore is cheaper that that of concrete mixer and pump. Among all pumps, the concrete pump truck Singapore price is highest. You need select one which can best match your construction and your budget.

What About Its Service

When selecting concrete pumps for sale Singapore among manufacturers, you should be clear about what kind of service the manufacturer can provide. Generally, reputable concrete pump manufacturers will offer considerate service for their customers, such as Aimix Group. So we are famous for providing considerate service.

Concrete Pumps Singapore After-sales Service
Concrete Pump After-sales Service

Aimix aims to provide one-step service, including pre-sale, on-sale and after-sale service for clients. Under warranty, we will provide vulnerable components freely. Moreover, our engineer with sales will visit customers and checked the concrete pumps annually. Up to now, we have established more than 5 LBS centers for local customers, including Philippines, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. Thus, you needn’t worry about our after-sales service.

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