Electric Concrete Mixer

Electric concrete mixer for sale is driven by electric engine. It means that it has high working efficiency if there is sufficient electricity. In addition, the electric engine can provide large power to ensure continuous work, which can large shorten the construction periods. For this reason, it is usually used in construction sites, bridges, roads and small-medium prefabricated-component factories etc. Due to its characteristics of strong power, stable performance and low energy consumption, our electric concrete mixer has been delivered to more than 30 countries. Here are some cases of AIMIX electric concrete mixer for sale.

Electric Concrete Mixer Kenya

Cases of Electric Cement Mixers

Exporting 17 Sets of Electric Cement Mixers to Uzbekistan

17 sets of AIMIX electric concrete mixers were exported to Uzbekistan in 2019. He bought so many sets one time for his business in local market places. We had delivered JZC350, JZC500 and JZC 750 concrete mixers with electric engine to customers. After customer received our equipment, he was satisfied with them and promised to repurchase them if need in the future!

Delivering 17 Sets of Electric Concrete Mixers to Uzbekistan

Electric Cement Mixers Was Sent to Zambia

Recently our electric mixer has been exported to Zambia. Here are some pictures of delivery. From the picture, it can be concluded that this electric cement mixer is one type of drum concrete mixer. By comparison with compulsory concrete mixer, it is more suitable for mixing plastic and semi-plastic concrete. The mixer can produce concrete mixture in short time. Therefore, it is the ideal option for the construction sites which need a large quantity of concrete mixture. You can see that our concrete mixer keeps a good working status in construction site. Thus, you can purchase one from Aimix Group trustingly.

Delivering Electric Concrete Mixer to Zambia

Types of Aimix Electric Cement Mixer for Sale

According to concrete mixing mode, the concrete mixer can be divided into self falling type and compulsory concrete mixer.

For self-falling concrete mixer, the cement, water and other materials are poured into mixing drum. With rotating of mixing drum, the concrete mixture can be lift to certain height by mixing blades, falling on its own. Repeatedly, the mixture can be mixed evenly. Generally, this type of concrete drum mixer is JZC and JZM series.

JZC350 Electric Concrete Mixer
JZC500 Electric Concrete Mixer

JZM350 Electric Concrete Mixer
JZM500 Electric Cement Mixer

For compulsory concrete mixer, the concrete mixture is blended by mixing blades in the rotating concrete mixer. It has strong mixing quality and high efficiency. But the power consumption is so large that the mixing blades are easier to be wear. It is usually used for mixing dry hard concrete. According to mixing blades, there are single shaft concrete mixers –JDC series and twin shaft concrete mixers — JS series.

JDC Series Concrete Mixer With Electric Engine
JS Series Electric Concrete Mixer

How do Aimix Electric Concrete Mixers for Sale Work

JZC series and JZM series: JZC series and JZM series mixers both adopt rotating mixing way. First, the materials are loading into a rotating mixing drum. The materials can be raised to a certain height by the blades in the mixer drum. The location of mixture will be redistributed when the blades are rotating. Then the materials will fall free on their own weight with mixer drum rotating. Doing that repeatedly until the mixture is mixed well.

JS series and JDC series: JS series and JDC series mixers adopt forced mixing method. In this way, it makes forced mixing on the mixture through mixing blades in the mixer drum. Horizontal or vertical mixing shaft is installed in the inner of mixer drum. When mixing, the mixing shafts drive blades to shear, squeeze and roll over the mixture. Then the mixture can be evenly mixed with intense running.

Details of Electric Cement Mixers for Sale

1.Feeding system

The feeding system is composed of winding gear, feeding hopper, charging hopper. When feeding, the transmission device drives hopper with steel wire rope along feeding trails. When the hopper climbs to a certain height, the hopper door will open automatically. The materials in the hopper can be poured into the mixer drum.

2.Water supplying system

JS series and JDC series: The water supplying system consists of water pump, throttle valve, cleaning and spraying device etc. The water can be transported into spray pipes through throttle valve. The throttle can control water flowing. The total volume of water supplying is regulated by timer.

JZC series and JZM series: The water supplying system is composed of motor, water pump, three-way valve, water tank etc. Starting the water pump can make the water flow into the mixer drum. The time-delay in the electric control system can control the water pump running time to master the needed water volume for mixing each concrete tank.

Water Supplying
Transmission Gear

3.Transmission system

The transmission system consists of motor, reducer, pinion, mixing drum and big gear ring. JZC series adopts gear transmission, which makes the pinion and big gear rings drive the mixer drum. JZM series uses friction transmission, which depends on the friction between anti-wearing rubber roller and mix drum raceways to make the mix drum rotate.

4.Mixing system

JS series and JDC series: The mixing system of JS series and JDC series is composed of motor, belt wheel, reducer, opened gear, mixing device of mixer drum, oil supply device etc. The electric motor for cement mixer drives gear reducer. The reducer drives the mixing shafts reversing rotation through two pairs of opened gear. There are two mixing shafts in the mixer drum. Each shaft has mixing blades. The mixing arms are at the end of mixer drum, which are equipped with side blades to scrape concrete left on the inner side of mixer drum. The joints of the mixing shaft and mixer drum has sealing device. There is special oil feeder at the end of mixer drum to ensure the sealing quality.

JZC series and JZM series: JZC series and JZM series mixers mix the concrete in normal direction, and discharge concrete reversely. The structure of mixer drum is double-cone. The drum is welded with high and low blades, and they have a certain intersection angle with the mixing shaft line. So it has excellent mixing quality with strong mixing strength.

JZC Concrete Mixing System
JS Concrete Mixing System

5.Electric control system

JS series and JDC series: The electric control system is equipped with air switch, fuse protector and thermal relay. It has functions of short-circuit protection and overload protection. All control buttons, indicator lights and air switch handles are all on the distribution box door with door lock. The electrical components in the distribution box are mounted on a piece of insulating plate. It is convenient to operate and maintain.

JZC series and JZM series: The motions of mixing drum rotating, reversing, halting and water pump running and quitting are controlled by six control buttons respectively. The electric control system simplifies the operation procedures. Thus, the electric mobile concrete mixer is easier to operate and maintain.

Aimix Group, as a professional concrete mixer supplier with more than 30 years’ manufacturing experience, is confident to provide you with top electric concrete mixers. Do you wanna know the prices? We can send you quotation quickly if you leave your message on the following form. Or email to us: market11@aimixgroup.com.

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