Exporting Aimix 3 m3 Concrete Mixer Drum to Indonesia

In Jan. 2022, Aimix has exported one unit of 3 m3 concrete mixer drum to Indonesia successfully. Every year, Aimix would export various kinds of construction machines to Indonesia, including concrete mixer drum, concrete truck, self loading concrete mixer, concrete plant, and concrete pump. It is the first time for the customer to buy our equipment. Thankful for the customer’s trust! After testing and debugging in Aimix factory, it was ready to export to Indonesia!

Aimix 3 m3 Concrete Mixer Drum
Aimix 3 m3 Concrete Mixer Drum

As we all know, the concrete mixer drum is one of the important parts of a concrete mixer truck for sale. The customer chose to buy a concrete mixer drum alone. Because he wanted to buy a chassis in local places. In this way can it help save a lot of costs. After communicating with him, we knew that it was applied for a small construction project. Therefore, we advised him to buy the 3 m3 concrete mixer tank, which can totally meet his construction demands.

3 m3 Concrete Drum to Indonesia
Exporting Concrete Mixer Tank to Indonesia

As a core component for a concrete mixer truck, customers should choose a high-quality concrete mixer drum to prolong its service life. Aimix, as a professional construction machine manufacturer, has the confidence to provide quality products and considerate service. If you also wanna invest in a concrete mixer drum for construction, welcome to contact us for the best price! Email: