How Does A Concrete Plant Work?

Referring to concrete plant, we all know that it is a set of machines, which are combined to produce concrete. Usually, the equipment can produce plastic and semi-plastic concrete. The concrete mainly are used in all kinds of construction projects, such as building, bridges, parking lots, harbors, tunnels, highways, airports…… It can be concluded that concrete is everywhere. Although many people have seen it, they don’t know how the concrete plant works. Therefore, here I will introduce the working processes of concrete batching plant. I hope the introduction will help you better understand the whole working of concrete plant.

The concrete plant is composed of material storing, material conveying, material weighing, material mixing and electric control system. In general, materials include aggregate, powder material, water and additives. First, for the aggregate, sandstone is carried through wheel loaders, delivered to concrete batching machine which can store and weigh aggregate. After weighed, the aggregate was sent to concrete mixer by bucket or belt. Second, for the powder material, cement and fly ash, stored in cement silo, which can prevent cement bond. Then it was transported to weighing hopper through screw conveyor. It also will be delivered to concrete mixer. Last, for water and additive, it is conveyed to weighing hopper through water and additive pump. The concrete mixer will blend the aggregate, powder material, water and additive together. Well, for the electric concrete control system, the weighing accuracy can be adjusted through computer; the concrete mixing process is controlled by buttons on the panel. The whole processes can be monitored through electric control system. Therefore, the whole concrete batching plant is convenient to operate and maintain, which will save a lot of time and labor.
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