ABJZ30D Electric Concrete Mixer Pump Was Transported To Congo

Congratulations! Our ABJZ30D electric concrete mixer pump was exported to Congo successfully. It has to say that concrete mixer with pump is so popular that many customers choose it. Due to its small size, small power and easy movement, it is mostly used in the rural and urban construction site.

This machine can realize concrete mixing and concrete pumping in one device. Therefore, it can help customers save cost. Besides, the concrete pump is driven by powerful electricity. If  the machine keeps in good working status, there must be enough electricity. What’s more, the concrete was delivered by pipelines, which will not pollute the environment.

electric concrete mixer pump delivery to Con
electric concrete mixer pump delivery to Con

Apart from the electric concrete mixer pump, Aimix can provide concrete mixer pump with diesel engine. You will have more options for concrete pumps, such as trailer concrete pump, mobile concrete pump, mini concrete pump, concrete boom pump, concrete boom pump……

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