Mini Concrete Truck

Mini concrete truck, a tiny concrete mixture transporting machine, is usually used for small construction projects. Same as ready mix truck, it usually mixes concrete mixture during delivering process. Therefore, in general, it keeps rotating on the roads. If not rolling, the concrete mixture in the mixer drum will be segregated, which will not satisfy the requirements of construction. Naturally, the quality of construction projects will be affected.

Well, for small construction site, it is better to choose cement truck with small capacity to match. The capacity is about 3 m3, 4m3, 5m3 and 6m3, which can satisfy the construction demands. Through the mini concrete mixer truck has small volume, small capacity and small structure, it also can work efficiently like large concrete mixer truck.

3m3 Mini Concrete Mixer Truck

Model: CLCMT-3

Agitating Capacity: 3 m3/h

Feeding Speed: M3/min≥ 3

Unloading Speed: M3/min≥ 2

Water Tank Capacity: 450L

Fuel type: Diesel

4m3 Mini Concrete Truck

Model: CLCMT-4

Volume: 4 m3/h

Feeding Speed: M3/min≥ 3

Unloading Speed: M3/min≥ 2

Mixing drum material: Q345

Water Tank Capacity: 450L

5m3 Mini Concrete Truck Mixer for Sale

Model: CLCMT-5

Agitating Capacity: 5 m3/h

Emission standard: Euro II

Fuel type: Diesel

Transmission(Gear box): HW19710T

Reduction gear: PMB7Ysp Reducer, Italy technology

6m3 Mini Concrete Mixing Truck
Model: CLCMT-6

Volume: 6 m3/h

Feeding Speed: M3/min≥ 3

Unloading Speed: M3/min≥ 2

Mixing drum material: Q345

Water Tank Capacity: 450L

Radiator: 18L

Customer from Myanmar Opted for Mini Concrete Truck for Sale Specially

The client from Myanmar had come to visit us. We guided him to visit our factory and office. In factory, our customer has spoken highly of our manufacturing process and technology. In office, we have introduced him our professional innovating department, which is the core part of our company. After we introduced our products to him, he finally chose our mini cement truck whose capacity is about 5 m3. He thought that the concrete truck with small size is more convenient to operate and maintain. This kind of mixer truck is more suitable for his construction. After the equipment had been put into use, the customer had taken several concrete truck working pictures for us.


Mini Concrete Truck Working
Concrete Truck in Myanmar
Mini Concrete Truck Working On Site

He thought highly of our concrete truck working efficiecy. Besides, he said that his friends were also seeking for a best concrete truck mixer  for sale from various trust mini concrete truck manufacturers. In this time, it is the best opportunity to recommend Aimix Group which is deserved to cooperate with.

Main Systems of Aimix Mini Concrete Mixer Truck for Sale

Mini concrete mixer truck for sale is composed of chassis, mixer drum, transmission system, hydraulic driving system, water supply system, feeding and discharging system, discharge chute, control system and so on.

1. Chassis. Chassis is one of the most important components, which has the function of supporting the mixer truck.

2. Mixer drum. The function of mixer drum is to carry and deliver concrete mixture. It rotates at lower speed of 2-3r/min during transporting. When feeding concrete mixture, it rolls at speed of 3-5r/min. When discharging material, it rotates at speed of 5-8r/min. We have manufactured twelve types of mixer drums for sale. Among them, the diameter of 3-4 m3 mixer drum is about 2000mm; the diameter of 5-6 m3 is about 2150 mm. Besides, the thickness of 3-6m3 concrete mixer drum is 4mm. All of mixer drums are made of Q345 alloy material.

3. Transmission system. It is composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and reducer. All of them are adopted from foreign famous brands – German Rexroth, Italy ARK and TOP, which can ensure high reliability and high efficiency.

4. Water supplying and cleaning system. This system is used to supply enough water for cleaning the mixer drum. Sometimes, it is used for watering concrete mixture in the mixer drum, especially for dry mixing batching plant. There are two types water supplying system: water pumping type and vapor-pressure type. Customers can choose either one according to requirements.

5. Cooling system. The cooling system adopts high temperature circulating oil to dissipate heat generated by hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor through radiator and fan. It can avoid damage and malfunction of hydraulic system caused by high temperature.

Mixer Drum
Water Supplying And Cleaning System

Working Processes of Mini Mix Concrete Truck for Sale

1. Feeding process. After concrete is produced by mobile concrete batching plant, the mini cement mixer truck will be under the batching plant. Then, the concrete will be poured into concrete mixer drum through feeding hopper. The hopper is specially designed to avoid material shedding.

2. Mixing process. PTO delivers the power to hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor through transmission shaft. The hydraulic transmission system will transmit power to mixer drum, which makes it rotate. During mixing and feeding, it keeps running clockwise at speed of 2-5r/min.

3. Discharging process. When discharging, the hydraulic transmission system and PTO will transmission power to mixing tank. Therefore, the mixing drum will keep rolling anticlockwise at speed of 5-8r/min. The concrete mixture will flow down along the discharging hopper.

4. Cleaning process. After transporting, the water tank will provide enough water to clean the mixing truck through air pressure. The mixing tank, feeding hopper and discharging hopper will be cleared thoroughly.

Characteristics of Aimix Mini Mix Truck for Sale

1. Patent for mixing blades. Aimix has owned patent number of mixing blades: ZL200820069338.2. The mixing blades have adopted spiral curve design, which can not only improve feeding and discharging speed, but also ensure the homogeneity of concrete mixture. The added protection device can realize the synchronous wear of cylinder and mixing blades, which can prolong the service life of the truck mixer.

2. Mixing blade technology. The manufacturing technology uses special cold pressing and stamping method. Welded with mixing drum, it adopts new technology to ensure no obvious welding impression on the surface.

3. Hydraulic system. Hydraulic system adopts the top brands of hydraulic transmission in German, USA and Italy, with compact structure and excellent performance, which can meet the requirements of different users.

4. Water supplying. Water supplying system has a variety of water tanks with large size to ensure enough water for cleaning and mixing. The thick water pipelines and multiple watering ways can bring great convenient to customers. The various watering ways include air pressure, reducer water pump and electric water pump to meet the needs of different users.


Volume(m3) 6 5 4 3
Chassis model Dongfeng,HOWO(Sinotruk), Shaanxi Auto, North Pennines, Isuzu, Foton,Delong
Feeding speed M3/min≥ 3
Unloading speed M3/min≥ 2
Discharge reside rate %< 0.5
Water supply model Air pressure water supply
Delivery time Within 15 work days after receiving the payment
Warranty 12 months, from the date of supply.
Remarks Hydraulic Pump& motor: GMP (Italy)
Decelerator: GMP (Italy)

Aimix Group, as one of famous mini concrete mixer truck manufacturers in China, promises to offer mixing trucks with super quality and perfect performance. Considerate pre-sale service and after-sale service make you comfortable to cooperate with us. Welcome more friends from all over the world cooperating with Aimix! For further cooperation, you can send us inquiry first through following form! Or email to us:

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