Shipment Of ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump To Uganda

Congratulations! ABJZ40C concrete mixer and pump was delivered to Uganda. This concrete pump is so practical that it can mix and pump the concrete easily. Therefore, this concrete mixer pump is the best choice for your house and building constructions.

concrete mixer and pump

It has to say that Aimix Group always offers the best concrete mixing machine for customers. The quality is so excellent that it has high working efficiency during its service life. While, this pump has longer life span than others due to adopting advanced foreign components. Besides, the powerful diesel engine can ensure strong working ability because it can adapt to harsh environments. Our concrete mixer and pump is equipped with smooth lubrication system, which can ensure sufficient oil supplying with high efficiency. The lubrication system can help avoid oil congestion to improve working reliability. The boost feature of lubrication system can effectively improve system automaticity.

Apart from the lubrication system, it has other best power system, hydraulic system, electric control system…..If you are interested in our concrete pump, leave us a message, we will send you quotation and you will have a better understanding of it.