The Wide Usage of Small Concrete Pumps

With the raid development of new rural and urban construction, there is a large demand of concrete pumps for the construction sites, especially the small concrete pumps. It seems that the small concrete pump with small size, small volume is the most suitable concrete pumping machine. What’s more, the price of small concrete pump is ideal, affordable and reasonable. So let’s get more information about the small concrete pump.
small concrete pumps
The obvious advantages of using small concrete pump
1. The small concrete pump has small power. It still can work normally, which is equipped with small electric generator even there is no electricity.
2. It is the smallest pumping equipment in domestic areas. Also, it is the only choice for many narrow construction environments.
3. It has light weight, which is convenient to move.
4. High configuration, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, lower failure rate and long service life.
5. Economical price makes the concrete pump more affordable. There are mini cement mortar pump, mini fine aggregate pump and mini concrete pump for selecting.
6. Small concrete pump adopts automatic air pressure technology, which has high working pressure, long pumping distance and pumping height.
Operating steps
1. Check the appearance of machines and make sure that whether the machine is damages due to long distance transportation, especially the electrical appliances in the electric box.
2. Start the motor, and see if it can work normally.
3. Insert 1 meter or 0.58 meter in the height and angle of construction, and the angel of the hopper and lower blade shall be aligned according to the helix angle.
4. When to use, the pipe should be cleaned with a moist pipe, and then the hopper and ash tube shall be cleaned.
From the trend, the small concrete pump is more and more popular among clients. Aimix, as a professional concrete pump manufacturer in China, can offer the customers’ best concrete pumping machines with reasonable price. If you are interested in the small concrete pump, never forget to contact us.